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Rush hour slows down at Indaba Book Café

Although the Indaba Book Café is in town, it is situated far enough from the centre so that finding parking is not an issue, with the bonus of being able to look through the window, keeping an eye on the vehicle. Living up to its name, there is a small section where patrons can buy books, and if they so wish, there is seating in a bay window where the books can be read. If looking out of coffee shop windows or reading books is not your thing, then you could also take advantage of the WiFi Hotspot. Phew . . . quite a lot going on and we’ve not even got to the food yet!

I was very impressed with the menu given that we were in a Café.  The choice was quite comprehensive, spanning breakfast, light snacks, lunch and deserts, accompanied by a wide range of drink options. A Very Veggie (unfortunately one of only a few vegetarian options) and a chicken schnitzel were ordered along with juice and a coffee. The food is prepared fresh which would explain why it took a little while to arrive. When it did arrive, we were both pleasantly surprised by the size of the meals. I could only assume that my food was on a plate, because I certainly could not see said plate, underneath the schnitzel, chips and salad!

The food was functional, and I say this as a compliment. It served its purpose of a decent meal during the lunch hour. Quality was not compromised by quantity, but quantity was certainly emphasised. Although there was no real spark or pizzazz with the food presentation, it tasted good and was filling. One table of patrons could not finish before lunch hour ended and had to take the excess food with them.

The coffee shop began to fill up with patrons, accommodating those who were squeezing in a quick lunchtime meeting, adding to those who were already there to take advantage of the WiFi and checking their emails. This increased activity was handled seamlessly by the staff.

The setting and ambience all conspired to offer a very pleasant experience. Having solved the entire world’s problems over lunch, my partner and I timed our departure just as the rush-hour traffic, both foot and vehicular, was beginning to diminish. Our waiter gallantly opened the sliding doors for us.

From a very quick snack to a more comprehensive meal option, the Indaba Book Café is certainly a venue to consider, and although we were there over lunch, it is open throughout the day with options to suit any time.

Coffee Shop
4 Plates
Corner J. Tongogara and 9th Ave, Bulawayo

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