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Ammara to sell Andy’s house

Ammara says when her mother Soraya Khan and Brown divorced, there was a court order directing the house had to be sold.

Brown married Khan in 1988 and they jointly purchased the house at Number 8 Gibbings Road in Cranborne.

When they divorced six years later, the courts are said to have ordered that the house be sold as a divorce settlement but the order was not immediately instituted since Brown remained in the house with their two children, Ammara and Shahla.

Ammara and Shahla later moved out of the house and Brown stayed put with his new family. Brown had 10 children with seven women.

According to Ammara, her mother had indicated she would sell the house anytime in December last year when there was a misunderstanding with Brown.
Khan died in January after an unsuccessful haemorrhage operation before she could sell the house.

Two months later, Brown also succumbed to severe pneumonia.


Barely two weeks after Brown’s death, Ammara has revealed the house has to be sold as per the court order.

The house is still home to Brown’s three children, namely Jason, Andy (Junior) and Al Zaeed, who are living with Nadine.

Brown and Nadine who are said to have been cohabiting, had two children, Andy (Junior) and Al Zaeed.

Ammara, however, says she will not be hard on Nadine.

“I am not going to chase anyone out. I spoke to Nadine about it and told her that she can put her life together while at the house. I am willing to help her, she is an exceptionally talented artist and since I am a musician as well I can help her.

“As for the kids, there is nothing I can do, they are my brothers and I am going to do all I can for their upkeep but the house has to be sold. It is the last option.”

She however indicated the house would not be sold anytime soon since it has to be renovated to attract a lucrative market price.
Nadine refused to comment on the issue.

“There is nothing I can say at the moment. I can talk to you about any other issues but not the house. I have to consult Ammara and the other of Andy’s children. We can arrange and meet some day.”

Efforts to get a comment from Brown’s sister Tatenda Sandra Mashiringo, who is based in Kenya and his other children who are abroad were fruitless.

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