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All Woman: A voice against domestic abuse

The on-and-off lovebirds appear as husband and wife in Maboreke’s video for a track titled All Woman that explores tribulations of an abused wife.

In the video, which will be released this week, she endures and fights domestic violence head on, portraying how a strong woman navigates through a harsh marriage.
Chidzonga and Maboreke had a shaky relationship before getting married with the former at some point bluntly writing off chances of the two becoming husband and wife despite having a child together.

But Maboreke says the video is divorced from her experiences.

“The video is not about my life with Munya. We have our own problems like most couples but problems can be solved through negotiations,” said Maboreke.

“Problems may recur and solutions will be found but there are no negotiations in abuse. It has to be stopped completely. As a couple, we are against abuse and that is why we worked together on the video.”

Maboreke said the only relation between the video and her life was the pain and faith that inspired her to come up with the storyline.

“When I went into labour my doctor told me either the child or I would die during the operation,” she recalled.

“I was shocked when I finally woke up from anesthesia and people were congratulating me. My blood pressure had been too high for any form of operation but I had faith. The baby also survived.

“That pain showed me that women go through a lot. I believe the faith I had at that challenging moment can carry any woman through the tribulations they encounter every day. I decided to focus on the general theme of domestic abuse.”

In the video Maboreke is portrayed as a distraught physically abused woman who is battered everyday by her drunkard husband.

Chidzonga is envisaged as a husband who only cares about his alcohol.


In defiance Maboreke attests to the strength in women which makes them stronger each time they are abused.

Directed by Joe Njagu, the video is a marvelous piece of work that sets the bar higher for the standard of Zimbabwean video productions.

Njagu said they had done the video in full high definition format to produce high quality.

Maboreke’s vocal ability should also be complemented. She exploits her seemingly husky but steady voice and goes through lines with ease.

She said the track had been selected as theme song for this year’s Miss Zimbabwe pageant expected later this month. She is billed to have her first performance in the country at the pageant.

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