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Oracles of doom lands prophet in trouble

The prophet was seen as stirring political trouble for the government. He was sent packing to Zambia last week after residing in Botswana for over 15 years. The fate of Sakufiwa’s church, New Seasons Ministries, which he founded, was not immediately known.

No reasons were given for the prophet’s deportation, but sources said the government wanted to send a strong message to all prophets predicting doom and chaos in the country that they would be dealt with. It saw the prophet as posing a security risk.

Assistant pastor Bunyongo told The Monitor that they learnt last week that the pastor had been deported and no explanation was given. “Ask the Office of the President. We are in the dark on the matter just like you. We are also looking for answers”.

Bunyongo said he had since broken the news to his church and everyone was feeling down. He denied that some church members might have reported dubious activities by the prophet to the authorities.

In 2008, another outspoken pastor, Andy Chijena of Christ Embassy, was deported to Zimbabwe after his congregation reported suspicious activities that included money laundering.

Sakufiwa’s church in the last two years has grown tremendously, attracting the attention of media houses that gave the church’s activities wide coverage.
Once a prophet with Deeper Life Ministries, Sakufiwa later founded his own successful church after a lengthy suspension by his church in the late 1990s. Sakufiwa was once married to Lorato Sakufiwa, the current director of Women’s Shelter and author of the book, The Boy Child.


— MyZim Guardian

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