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Bongani: The beauty queen with big dreams

She has a very clear vision of what she wants to achieve yet she is not sure of the path her reign will take because nothing seems obvious in her case. As I looked at her during our brief encounter, I admired her courage, confidence, hope and of course, her gorgeous looks.

I have come close and personal with a number of previous queens but I must admit that Dhlakama has this unique appearance that will make most people nod and admit she deserves to be the beauty queen of the country.

I will not compare her to Angeline Musasiwa because when she was crowned in the early 1990s, I only “related” to her through photos, advertisements and posters. Her striking beauty, which I admired in the media those many years ago, still make her one of the most successful models.

Dhlakama’s uniqueness mi-ght not take anything away from Vanessa Sibanda who has made a mark internationally, or Malaika Mushandu, who dazzled on global platforms but the recently crowned queen, as many will admit, has the looks of a natural model.

Well, all the looks and uniqueness could not help my disappointment as we conversed.

She hopes to transfer from Bulawayo to Harare where most of her predecessors were centred during their reigns.

She also hopes the prize-giving date will come soon but has no idea what she will get for her achievement.

She admits her stay in camp in the run-up to the pageant was pathetic and credits her strong character for the perseverance.

She is on cloud nine for being crowned the most beautiful young lady in the country and hopes to run charity projects like many that came before her.

She has the hope but is unsure of how her dreams will become real because the Miss Zimbabwe Trust has not been open on how the queen and her princesses will proceed after the crowning ceremony.

Dhlakama is currently employed at Zimbabwe Tourism Authority that recently pulled out from co-running the pageant.

In the past six years, queens and their princesses were attached to ZTA in Harare because the tourism authority was running the pageant. Now it is complicated. Will ZTA transfer her to their Harare office and assist her in her reign because she is one of their own when the bigwigs at the authority clearly said they do not have anything to do with the pageant?

Will Miss Zimbabwe Trust find a base for her in the capital and ensure she is active daily when they struggled to get sponsorship for the pageant and are uncertain how they will reward the winners?

It would be nice if she could run her reign from Bulawayo and give the pageant a national appeal by proving that queens should not only be based in Harare when there is a city of kings but many questions will still remain unanswered.

Who will she be reporting to in terms of her daily activities? She needs sponsorship for the reign and she is not sure how she will go about it because everything appears complicated.

Maybe this is the time for sponsors that shunned the pageant to realise that here is an individual who will carry the country on her shoulder at Miss World. Dhlakama needs to be assisted so that she will not regret being selected Miss Zimbabwe.



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