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Dylan Wilson preparing for stage comeback

Popularly known as Kenge after his role in Studio 263, the actor had kept a low profile for about a decade.


He shot to fame at the early stages of Studio 263 before relocating to South Africa in 2003 when his wife Arlene got a job in that country.

But the actor believes this first production after returning home is the beginning of a new journey in the arts.

The short play was staged last Wednesday at Rainbow Towers Hotel at a corporate event.

Of Mice and Men is set in a court where a dispute between a supplier of computer consumables and his buyer takes centre stage.

It borders on hypocrisy as the suppliers claim to be Christians yet they fail to live by their promises and prove to be unfaithful business people that go around ripping off numerous clients and service providers.

Kenge plays the Magistrate and says Of Mice and Men is his first live performance in six years.

“In South Africa I did many jobs including adverts and corporate events and since I came back here early this year this is my first acting production,” said Kenge.

“I am home permanently but I have not been concentrating on art since I run a family landscaping business.

“Now that I have staged this corporate theatre piece, I hope this will be the beginning of my journey back to the arts.”

He however said he would take things slowly as he was more committed to the landscaping business.

He said he had to put more effort in the family business because of various challenges they are facing in the industry.

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