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Nigeria music star to share stage with Tuku, Kawara

The musician will share the stage with Oliver Mtukudzi and Alexio Kawara in a show that is expected to appeal across age divides.

Show organisers said they expected Flavour (real name Chinedu Okoli) to jet into the country on Thursday afternoon before a welcome party is held for him that night.

They said most of the groundwork has been done ahead of the show that will spice up Africa Day Celebrations, adding that Tuku and Kawara had promised to set the bar high for the Nigerian musician.

Kawara said he was raring to go and would give fans a good performance.

“I have shared the stage with foreign artists before and my recent collaboration with Dutch group, Handsome Poets, was a confidence booster,” said Kawara.

“I always put maximum effort in my performances and I treat every show seriously. People will be expecting to see Flavour for the first time in Zimbabwe while they will obviously enjoy Tuku’s performance, but they should be prepared for a few surprises from us. We are ready for the show.”

Show organisers said they had invited Flavour to perform here because they wanted to break the  monotony of having Jamaican reggae musicians flooding international shows in the country.

“Our research revealed that people are now tired of dancehall and South African artistes so we have decided to divert from what they had been used to. We have not seen a Nigerian musician performing in the country and this is an opportunity for local fans to see how musicians from that side perform,” said one of the organisers.

“Flavour has taken the world by storm with his hit Nwa Babe (popularly known as Sawale) and his performance in Zimbabwe means a lot to his local fans.”
His hit song Sawale has taken the country by storm and it has proved to be most people’s favourite.
He has also done other popular songs that include Adanma and Oyi, on which he collaborated with a Mozambican musician.

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