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Roki teases Barbz with unique love lyrics

As Barbz reclined on a comfy couch in the lounge last week, Roki sidled up to her and told her how much he liked her and the fact that she was older than he was.

“You look like you can chew me up and spit me out”, he said, leaving Barbz dumb-founded.

The Zim Housemate went a step further, comparing Barbz to a viper.

“You’re just a big snake with beautiful spots that I would like to caress”.

Barbz did not hesitate to tell Roki she had a man. Roki assured Barbz he was not the devil in the desert trying to tempt her.

“I know you’re sticking to your plan”, he said. Barbz scrambled to cut the conversation short, encouraging Roki to go take a shower. — Big Brother

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