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US-based Chimhina fundraises for arts

With the dollarisation of the local economy,it has become expensive for many who usually frequented home to visit.

Worsened by the world recession experienced over the past three years, many in foreign land have increasingly become homesick.

But for United States-based Sylvia Chimhina, arts have been a cure for her homesickness.

The former model and arts enthusiast identified an arts project back home to strengthen the bond with her countrymen.

Towards the end of 2010 she teamed up with Joe Njagu, a film writer, producer and director for the movie The Gentleman which was released last year.

The Gentleman had a hefty budget of US$116 000, which is far ahead of the majority costs for local productions nowadays.

Chimhina, an executive leadership development associate in the United States, was highly instrumental in
the funding for the movie.

She also managed to organise a premiere for the movie at Prince Charles Cinema, London, a fete that a few African
productions have achieved.

A holder of a BSc in Business Management, Chimhina has an extensive experience in various fields that include TV, radio, pageant production and modelling.

She has a mix of accolades under her belt that include Miss Personality Zimbabwe 2005, First Princess Miss Zimbabwe USA 2005 and Miss Africa USA Spokes Model 2006, among many others.

Before moving to the US, Chimhina was the national presenter of the Lotto and Financial News with the now defunct JoyTV.

She trained models and owned Miss Petite Connecticut Pageant system for several years. She is a guest talk show host on SARFM

The eldest child in a family of three, Chimhina said she chose film because there is “something about film that made everything appear real”.

“I think all of our lives are a film and of course; some films are more interesting than others,” she said.

“I stop just to laugh at myself sometimes. As a kid, I quickly learnt that I was neither a singer nor a dancer. There were tons of great singers and dancers at Bonda Mission (which she attended) like Plaxedes Wenyika and many others.”

She said she always wanted to have a role in a movie but as she grew older she became more inclined to working behind the scenes.

“The amount of talent in Zimbabwe is enough to cause ripples anywhere in the world, even Hollywood.

“That is why I chose to work with the likes of Joe Njagu, Munyaradzi Chidzonga, Batsirai Masvinge and Rufaro Kaseke.

“I now interact with a lot of other film makers the world over and I believe this is just the beginning since most of them have faith in Zimbabwe.”
She enjoys playing tennis, travelling, reading, watching movies and building things.

Clothes, shoes and make-up are her passion and she says this explains why she is an independent sales director with Mary Kay Cosmetics and a clothing retailer.

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