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National Gallery exhibitors record song for artists

Parr (41) is a sculptor from Great Yarmouth and was in Zimbabwe for two months at the invitation of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

He also exhibited his works during the Harare International Festival of the Arts while his other works are also on display at the “Unevenness” exhibition currently underway at the gallery.

Maradze specialises in fine art, especially ceramics and he is also studying sculpting and painting at the Harare Polytechnic College.
Move on With Your Dreams features Maradze on vocals while Parr is on the acoustic guitar.

It talks about the life of an artist moving around the world, showing his talent to different people and explores artists’ inspirations.
It also brings out the role that artists can play in society if they fully exploit their talents.

The song carries a loud call for artists to fully carry out their roles in society so that the public gets to appreciate their works.
The song was recorded at DAT Studios and produced by Spencer Masango.

Speaking about the song, Parr said: “Well, I am a sculptor but I have also been playing the guitar for the past 25 years and one day during my visit to Harare Polytechnic, I was impressed with Tendai’s singing talent and we decided to do a track that is dedicated to artists around the globe.”

He said the song was also influenced by “the sacrifice” he had to make to come to Zimbabwe.
“I had to give up my home, my car and several other belongings to finance my journey to Zimbabwe. I think that’s what happens to many artists, so this song was looking at the life of an artist as well as some of the hardships they go through and how they overcome them.”

Maradze said it was an honour to work with Parr who has shown a high level of creativity.
“He is a dedicated artist and I enjoyed working with him. The idea to do the song was brilliant and we hope to work together on other arts projects,” said Maradze.

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