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Drumbeat:Allan’s move stuns dendera fans

Sulumani and Allan at some point were bitter enemies because their split was an acrimonious one. What makes the issue interesting and complicated is that Allan has left his group under his son Douglas who is just beginning his journey in the music industry.

With all the effort that Allan made to set up the band after splitting with Sulumani, it baffles to learn that Allan blames his band members for his woes saying they are not educated. Why did he hire them in the first place if they were dull?

Dendera fans were not expecting such a development and show of cowardice. Of course we cannot completely rubbish Allan’s action because he has his reasons for doing what he did, but most dendera fans should be asking many questions about this development.

After saying a lot of bad things about his band, Allan continues to work with them to fulfill shows he had already booked. We were expecting him to perform with Sulumani at Megga 1 Bar on Thursday, two days after they announced their reunion, but he did not show up because he had a gig with his old group somewhere.

Allan has been in the dendera scene for many years and knows everything that makes the beat tick and his suggestion that he has seen light in following Sulumani, whom he taught the ways of the trade, is amazing.

Splits and reunions are not new in the Chimbetu music circle but the latest development is unique. Well, maybe there is a reason beyond our sight and knowledge as to why this happened.

Allan’s son Douglas says his father mismanaged the band. Douglas blames his father for failing to keep the band intact, but everything seems suspicious. It casts a dark cloud over dendera music although the union between Allan and Sulumani could be said to be a move towards strengthening the brand.

In the dendera history, Simon parted ways with Naison and both had commendable careers separately. Although Naison lived in Simon’s shadow, he did his best, besides facing waning fortunes, to keep afloat the sea of popularity.

Naison would regularly feature at Simon’s shows but he kept fighting to keep his own group against all odds until his death.

When Simon was arrested for car theft, his young brother Briam took over and managed to maintain the band through hard times until the former joined them and the journey continued.

When Simon died, Sulumani joined the train and worked under the tutelage of his uncle Allan until they split. Allan gathered a new team and ran shows parallel to Sulumani and everything seemed to be working out well.

Briam remained behind the scenes until he died. Then aboard the dendera ship came Tryson and Douglas. It was exciting how the family exhibited immense talent across generations, but for a man of Allan’s calibre to say he is fed up with running his group after grooming his son is unexpected.

Just two weeks ago, Allan said he would not leave his son to go it alone before he was ripe for the market but this sudden change of mind is worrisome.

Will Sulumani and Allan work together well when they crossed swords before? Will Allan be able to relate well with his son Douglas in such a situation?

All seems complicated and questions will outnumber answers. This is a unique situation. Just imagine if Nicholas Zakaria announces he is going to join Alick Macheso. How will members of Orchestra Mberikwazvo and Khiama Boys take it? Quite a complex development!

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