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Grooming:Dressing for church

In churches where uniforms are worn, self-expression through dress is not a problem because everyone looks the same and can only express themselves through their hair. Then again, the uniforms come with headgear which means when it is time to get ready for church no one is trying to impress anyone with their outfit.

Churches that do not wear uniform experience varying degrees of self-expression. Church is not the place to be drawing attention for the wrong reasons. The assumption is everyone who is there is there to worship God, so we should not aim to distract each other from doing so. Some outfits, however, do a lot of distracting.

Like I have mentioned time and time again in my articles, a full length mirror is imperative. It allows you to take a look at your attire, in its entirety. You can check the length when standing, see how much shorter it becomes when seated so that if need be, you carry a scarf to cover your legs. I have seen women show up at a service in a short skirt and sit in the front row, right where the preacher has full view. The poor man of cloth has to consciously avoid looking in that section of the congregation. Shame on the brother who has to sit beside her and also has to avoid looking at her exposed thighs, here’s hoping the preacher and brother are of noble character, otherwise they will have a field day.

Then there are also those who show off their cleavage. Once men see your cleavage the next thing they’re doing is imagining what the rest of the breast looks like and what they would like to do with it. Had your girls been hidden away safely, imagining along those lines would take too much effort but with them popping out, wondering about them is easy.

Then you have the women who cover up but their clothes are too tight and do not leave much to imagination. The trousers may be too tight resulting in a camel toe in the front, or totally shape the buttocks at the back. Trousers may be worn with no belt and paired with g-string panties in order to avoid the dreaded visible panty line. Unfortunately, when you sit down or bend over, the trousers slide down exposing the plumber’s cleavage.

Fabrics may be too clingy or see through while blouses may be too small resulting in them opening at the breasts, or they may be too short for the trousers or skirt so each time the hands go up, the abdomen is exposed.

The poor guys have to be subjected to all this and still be expected to pay full attention to God and the ministry going on. So ladies, it would be prudent to look at yourself in the mirror, from all angles and see what everyone else will be taking in when looking at you. It would also be wise to check your motives for wearing your desired choice of clothes. If your motive is to seduce, then church is not the suitable place to wear it, save it for the club.


Trousers without belts and saggy pants not fit for church

Women are not the only ones who dress inappropriately for church, men do it too. I have seen plumber’s crack on men too because they wear their trousers without belts. Disgusting to say the least, no one wants to see that while they are trying to worship.

Other men think it is “cool” to sag their pants and show off their underwear. Even, it is designer underwear if it is still underwear, keep it under there.

The main reason we go to church is to worship God corporately so even our dressing should do the same. So whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is worshipping Him, be it your pink hair, or short shorts or maxi-dress.

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