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Inside Track: ‘Men taking grooming too far’

We have the likes of former Chelsea soccer star, Didier Drogba, who must use the same hairdresser as his wife. He must have an amazing array of hair products for his shiny relaxed hair.

Not to be outdone is West Indies cricketer — medium fast bowler — Kamer Roach, who wears earrings and a heavy gold chain even as he plays cricket. I wouldn’t be surprised if he added women’s underwear, a blouse and a brooch to his wardrobe.

Men seem determined to outdo women in grooming and dressing in a feminine way. Some join us in shopping from Victoria Secrets for lingerie. I know it looks good on your woman but you do not have to wear it too!

The latest rave is the full Brazilian wax — otherwise known as South of the Border! In the past only women were brave enough to withstand the pain of waxing hair off “their bits”. Ripping off hair from your private parts is a punishment only women were prepared to take in the hope of looking silky smooth for the men in their lives

Now even former English soccer star, David Beckman, has joined the hair removal business.


Why go through hell to create an illusion?


The Brazilian wax business has become a major industry. Some men spend US$125 at various spas just to have hot wax ripped off their hairy bits. Both gay and straight men account for the more than 70% of the weekly wax business at some of the leading spas in America.

Once the hair is taken off some men find the silky look needs to be jazzed up so they are now also going for “pejazzling”. It sounds crazy and it is. This is a treatment where after the hair is removed a man chooses crystals resembling dolphins or stars to be affixed to their new look shrub-free environment.
Look, the wax treatment is painful. But to add more pain to tender skin by affixing all sorts of things is taking it a bit too far. Can you imagine a man like that undressing for you for the first time?

There have been arguments from men who have taken to waxing that it keeps them clean and even more important to their warped sense of thinking, it accentuates their crown jewels — apparently it gives an illusion of enlargement and the implement is not obscured!

Do not get me wrong. I quite like a well-groomed man. When men started getting manicures and pedicures I applauded them but I always hoped they would know when to stop. I know some men hate body hair just as much as some women do but a simple trim down there should suffice.

But if you insist on getting a Boyzilian then ensure you are freshly showered but do not use lotion on your body as you get better results when your skin is not oily. You should not shave for at least two weeks and your hair must be at least 0.25 inches long — you might have to use a ruler or an estimate!
If you have an overgrown jungle, trim it but the specialists at the spa can always trim it to a manageable length before they wax. Wear loose clothing to prevent the post-wax irritation.


When you are having this done for the first time you might get nervous — I would if I was a man because there are too many things down there that get in the way. You need to be as relaxed as possible because it ensures that you get the best results. If you do not want to be completely uncovered, some spas will give you a disposable thong to wear during the treatment.

Waxing offers a longer-lasting and smoother solution to a hair-free body. Some swimmers and body-builders now like to get most of their body hair removed before competition.

I get gay men going for Boyzilians and the whole nine inches when it comes to grooming. They are gay — they know about and appreciate fashion and extreme grooming trends.

I want my man to wear a good masculine deodorant and perfume and to be well-groomed but please let him remain a man. I want a man who looks like a man, not one who dithers between sexes in dress or grooming.

Grace Mutandwa1@Twitter


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