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Classic feel at Explorer’s Bar

As soon as we got inside Meikles’ magnificent foyer, we felt embraced by the “plush and lush” of a top hostelry.  Blissfully, we let ourselves be drawn into the atmosphere of care and comfort while making our way to the Explorer’s Bar.  Inside, we found a table along the wall that would not have a fan blowing cold air-conditioned air onto our heads.

We noticed some ladies having their lunch amid pleasant laughter and giggles as well as a few businessmen enjoying some weekend leisure-time with a book or newspaper and a comforting drink. Unnecessarily, one TV was displaying sport and another spouting loud music.

A waiter kindly welcomed us and brought us the menu. We studied the list for some time; it provided classic starters (soups, mushrooms, salads), pleasant main dishes (steak, chops, fish, pasta) and desserts such as ice-cream or cake as well as something from the hotel’s patisserie.

My wife chose just to have a main dish; fillets of fish.  I went for the tomato soup to start with, and decided to follow this with another good classic; steak, egg and chips.  We had a nice gin and tonic and a beer while chatting about life and trying to ignore the blaring TV.

Soon my soup came.  It was delicious, having been made with a good stock as its base, fresh tomatoes and some basil that enhanced the fresh tomato taste beautifully.

The longed-for main dishes arrived and we tucked into the fare happily.  My wife’s fish fillets were done well, not over-cooked and well-seasoned; she munched away contentedly.

Now, I am something  of a philosophical fellow, and often not too observant of the details of reality around me  although I tend to come up against reality eventually, albeit often by a rather circuitous philosophical route.


Thus, while chewing happily on a piece of perfectly medium-rare steak, I started to expound on the idea of classic dishes. “Steak, egg and chips,” I said ponderously to my wife, “is a real classic.  And here in front of me is an excellent example of why it has become such a classic.  Of course, one is able to order this dish in many inferior places, and it will come

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