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Maneta, Roki’s relationship twists

Are their clashes a deliberate attempt to attract attention or a sign of real hatred? Could these conflicts be a veil to avoid betraying intimate feelings they sometimes show towards each other?


The drama began during the second week of the show when Maneta was elevated from the Downville house to the Upville mansion where she met Roki. Roki, who has a soft spot for women, tried his luck on Maneta but failed as she told him to leave her alone.

A few days later, the two seemed to have buried their differences with Roki at one point giving Maneta an intimate massage.

In the third week of the game, Maneta started gossiping about Roki, telling other housemates Roki was a “loser” back home. Roki did not take Maneta’s insults lightly and tried getting rid of her by nominating her for eviction from the game.


Maneta claims that she wants to use Roki

When Maneta discovered Roki had put her up for eviction, more drama unfolded.

She inflicted revenge by nominating Roki saying he was a disgrace to Zimbabwe for having nominated her before. During the fourth week of the show, Maneta woke up in the wee hours of the day to have a heart to heart chat with Roki, even though she refused to be kissed. Maneta tried being friendly to Roki and fans  were convinced Maneta was trying to keep her friends close and her enemies even closer. They were not wrong because two days after Zainab was disqualified, Roki and Maneta’s saga had reared its ugly head again.

“I will kill that guy, I will stab him to death,” said Maneta referring to Roki. Worried about the two Zimbabweans relationship, Prezzo asked her what it is about Roki that makes her get so wound up.

“His arrogance, I want to wipe that smirk off his face. I want to cut off his tongue so that he never speaks again,” she retorted.

A clearly enraged Maneta also claimed that the very sound of Roki’s voice made her want to stab herself to death. She called Roki a loser again and asked him: “What have you accomplished? What do you have?” Roki snapped back saying: “Awards, which you wish to have.”

Roki on the other hand claimed that their tension was because Maneta was jealous of Roki’s affection for Eve who was in Downville and was evicted last Sunday.

Roki implied Maneta loved him and was acting strangely to suppress her feelings.

A day after saying she wanted to kill Roki, Maneta told Big Brother she was starting to feel lonely.

“Biggie, housemates are judging me harshly. I’m lonely and Roki is distancing himself from me. I need a friend,” she said.

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