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Joe Wailer to perform at Marcus Garvey Commemorations

Wailer said he was elated about the invitation and said it had come at an opportune time.

“The invitation was facilitated by my international promoter, Theresa Kemp of Evalutionary Music Management and Promotion based in New York in the USA,” said Wailer.

“She has been promoting me for close to a year now and I tell you she has done a great job on the international scene.”

Wailer, who has just released his fifth album titled, Chant down Babylon, said he hoped the invitation would go a long way in representing Zimbabwe.

Born Joel Phiri in February 1970, Wailer is the founder and current festival director of the annual Midlands Arts & Culture Festival (MACfest) which is held every September.
He is the owner of Mo-Sounds Studio based in Gweru which has worked with various artists like Madiz, Nasty Trix, Nox, Stunner, Maskiri and Roki.

His first album Beautiful Zimbabwe was recorded in 2004 followed by Unite Africa recorded the following year. His third album, Rise and Shine came two years after which he released Not Air in 2011.

Wailer said his music was deeply influenced by Joseph Hill of the group Culture.

The music also identifies itself with the life of the ghetto sufferer and the rural poor.

“The track Chant Down Babylon is actually doing well on the international scene right now and I can confirm that it is the best track I have ever done in my career.

“I think this is a great opportunity for me and my band, the Roots Reggae Band, to go out there and show the world what we can do musically.

“Reggae music is spiritual music created by spiritual people for spiritual upliftment

“I trust that this trip will open more doors for my music and help put Zimbabwean reggae on the map. Zimbabwe is endowed with artistic talent and what has been lacking is the supportive infrastructure.”

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