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Freddy Chimombe resigned to fate

In an emotional interview at his house at Hopley Farm, the musician said he could now “smell death” and has left everything to fate.
He said his health has been getting worse since last year despite taking medication.

“My brother, I can smell death as I am sitting here. Things are not well at all,” said Freddy (39).

As he narrated his ordeal, the musician broke down many times.

Recently Freddy received US$700 from Patson Chimbodza, a music promoter, who initiated a charity match meant to benefit the musician and a local soccer academy.

The musician had earlier on announced his intention to visit popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua but last week said he had changed plans because he no longer had hope.

“I cannot go to TB Joshua because it’s now too late. The doctors are saying I have TB and they have been giving me treatment but for now having treatment or not is just the same.”

Freddy said he was now considering relocating to their rural home in Chivhu.

“I don’t want to keep on burdening my wife. You know how difficult it is to keep someone who cannot walk on his own here in the city.”

He thanked his wife for being supportive during this difficult time.

“I want to thank my wife for standing by me. She has taken care of me and showed great love.”

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