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Shocking story of an adult who started binging at 11


Wild UK child, Suzi Fox, downed so much booze that she nearly went blind.
She started drinking aged 11 — and by 14 was polishing off a crate of lager and a litre bottle of vodka in one night.

Now 23, she says: “I would go round to my friends’ houses and we’d raid their parents’ drinks cabinets. I would down anything I could get my hands on.

“At school, most of my friends were boys, but I didn’t struggle to keep up with them. I could easily polish off a crate of beer — 24 cans — and a bottle of vodka in a day.

“My mates and I used to get smashed every single day.”

When Suzi came home stinking of alcohol she lied to her parents, telling them that she had only had a couple of drinks.

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