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Scrumptious luncheon at the up-scale Miller’s Café

By Le Connoisseur

Miller’s Café is an up-scale family restaurant located at Borrowdale Village. It is a popular dining place for people from all ethnicities and different walks of life.
We arrived for lunch around 1pm and noticed that the outdoor seating area was packed, it being a sunny and surprisingly hot, winter day.  We opted to eat indoors which by comparison was a third full, most tables with family groups with young children.

The tables are made of a dark, warm wood and simply laid. The wine menu offered a decent selection of whites, reds and bubbly, with one port and two types of rosé.  It was very reasonably priced the most expensive being a bubbly at US$29.

Our waiter brought menus and took our drink order, a Cosmo — comprising Smirnoff triple distilled vodka shaken with triple sec, fresh lime and cranberry juice with a citrus garnish, and for the others a Malawi shandy and sprite.

This menu is a veritable tome, with a variety of scrumptious sounding meals.
It includes breakfast, toasted sarnies, schwarmas, burgers, rolls, pizza, pasta, salads, starters, miller’s grill, combos, spuds, sauces, chicken, seafood, desserts,  cocktails and fantastic coffees.

It is quite overwhelming for the food lover because it has so many delicious meals. We decided on starters quickly and two of us opted for the croquette de camembert: a deep-fried camembert wrapped in bacon and served with rocket, cranberry jelly and balsamic reduction.

My partner ordered “Oh Crumbs” – crumbed button mushrooms served with a tartare dip.
When the starters arrived the first thing I noticed was the generous portion sizes. There was plenty to share. The mushrooms were hot, perfectly crumbed and went well with the tartare sauce.

The croquette de camembert was delicious. The combination of flavours from the bacon, jelly and cheese were exquisite. We really savoured and enjoyed our starters.
For our mains we ordered Bulawayo to Beira – your choice of steak, rosemary and pepper crusted, coupled with prawns drizzled with garlic herb butter; chicken and prawns combo — half a cafe med chicken served with four queen prawns drizzled with garlic herb butter; The Financial Times — beer battered fish and chips served with minted peas.

The steak was perfectly cooked and very well flavoured. It was served with rice and cooked veggies — carrots, courgettes, cauliflower, broccoli and green beans. The prawns were served on top of the steak and covered in sauce. It was a tasty meal.

The chicken combo was a large portion and I knew I’d struggle to finish it, having ordered a baked potato with it!  The chicken was tender and smothered in BBQ sauce. The fish and chips were also well made and delicious, though served with cooked veggies, not the specified minted peas.

For dessert we ordered a chocolate sin cake and slice of cheesecake. I ordered a toffee caramel hot choco-latte, my partner a skinny cappuccino and our colleague had tea.
When the desserts arrived I was once again, astounded by the portion sizes. The cheesecake was easily shared and scrumptious. The chocolate sin cake was full of chocolate and quite filling.

Miller’s Cafe has such an extensive menu and I look forward to returning and eating my way through it!

Deluxe Family Restaurant
4 Plates
Borrowdale Village
Expect to spend US$20 to US$50 per head

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