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A balanced diet is what the body needs

I used to think that being underweight was better than being overweight. However, whenever I watch the British show “super-size versus super-skinny” on one of the BBC channels, the host has made me realise that there is no lesser evil when it comes to the two.
In order for our bodies to function at their optimum levels, they need a balanced set of nutritious food, water, exercise and sleep.

The Olympic athletes already know this because they understand that if they deprive their earthen vessels of what they need, they will not perform to their maximum.

Furthermore, seeing that the primary goal of going to the Olympics is to win, they do not need to be reminded about taking care of their bodies. They just do have to do it.

We on the other hand do not have six hours to work on our bodies with a professional trainer and a qualified nutritionist who would come up with meal plans for us.

This is because we have other things on our minds like earning a living, being a great mother and everything else which needs our immediate attention. So if one is to consider all this, having a toned body and eating right may be the least of our priorities. Yes we do not have to look like women on our televisions, but we can make every effort to take care of our bodies so they may be good to us in return.

The other day, I was at Sam Levy’s Village and I saw a woman walking with her two children — a son who looked like a young teenager and a daughter who must have been eight years old.

This girl was overweight; she no longer had ankles because the fat had filled the space between the foot and the leg. In fact her legs looked like planks.

Then came time to get into the car — poor girl struggled to lift her leg into their high car but eventually she got one in. She had to kneel to get the second one in. This process took too long for someone of her age. “That mother needs to be sued,” I remarked to my friend. “By whom,” he asked, to which I responded “by social welfare. That is child abuse”.

Mothers, ignorance is not blissful. Some of you are committing murder through your incorrect diets, and you need to get your act together. Your family should eat to live not live to eat.

Come up with healthy snack alternatives not junk food or refined starches. The non-refined starches combined with fruit and vegetables leave your family feeling fuller for longer therefore reducing the amount of snacks they eat.

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