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People react to the upcoming Mukanya show

By Tinashe Sibanda/ Silence Charumbira
United States-based singer, Thomas Mapfumo who left Zimbabwe in 2004, is expected to stage a show in the country next month.
This development came after an exchange of words between Mapfumo and his host for the upcoming show, Philip Chiyangwa.

Mapfumo told international media that he would not come to perform in Zimbabwe because such an act would be tantamount to robbing the poor. He is said to have singled out Chiyangwa as one of the people in the country that were heartless and failing to assist the poor.

But both parties say people must ignore that initial media altercation and focus on a show that many have been waiting for.

Standardlife&style spoke to a number of people in the capital for their comments on the legendary musician’s impeding homecoming show.

Some people say Mapfumo’s utterances were misplaced, probably because he was quoted out of context, but many say his show would be a dream-come-true for his legion of fans.

Below are some of the comments we got from people of various backgrounds about the issue:

  • Josh Hozheri (Music Promoter and Bar Owner): “Mapfumo is a great musician whom I have a lot of respect for and I think it is a noble idea that he is coming home because there is no better way for him to communicate with his fans than communicating with them on his home soil. He made a name here and everyone should expect him to come back. It is also positive for the industry because it brings diversity.”
  • Tawanda Mutambi (Security Guard): “Gandanga ngaridzoke kumusha. (Mapfumo must come back home). We want him back here because the thirst for his music is insatiable.”
  • Witness Dzumbunu (Entrepreneur): “This is his home so he has to come back. In fact we want him here. I am actually waiting for him.”
  • White Machemba (Businessman): “I think he was misquoted and if he said anything wrong about Zimbabwe or Zimbabweans  it’s probably what he heard from someone else since he has been away for too long. I really don’t think he will come though. But if he comes, it will be a historic show.”
  • Eddy Chekenyere (Senior Lecturer): “This guy just wants to come home for good. He is just an old horse that has become unpopular. He was only famous back then.”
  • Priscilla Mutsambira (Personal Assistant): “It’s tricky because I believe many people love his music but his utterances at times get out of hand. I think people will still turn-out for his show in large numbers if he does come.”
  • Takesure Munyuki (Supplier): “Those statements were not good but it is still a good idea for him to come back home because people are starving for his music.”

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