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Villagers flee as ‘dead man’ comes back home


BUHERA — A Buhera family was last week shocked to see a person they “buried” seven years ago arriving back home to greet them with a smile.
Those with enough strength took to their heels.
The Nzira family thought that their son Robert, who went missing in 2005, had died after a search for him yielded nothing. They ended up burying remains of a person they found in the neighbourhood thinking that they belonged to their son.

“We looked for him everywhere, went as far as ZBC studios to announce that he was missing but then he (Robert) was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately there were some remains found at the nearby bush and we took and buried them thinking they were our son’s,” said Nzira.
But, the “dead” man walked home last week, and nearly caused pandemonium at their homestead.

His father Japhet Nzira said he could not believe his eyes when Robert arrived at his home. He thought it was a ghost and some family members ran away.
Robert, who refused to have his pictures taken, was equally surprised by the behaviour of his relatives on his return.

“At first I just saw a grave with my name and when I came here (home) they all ran away thinking I was a ghost,” he said.
Robert vanished from his parents’ home after quarrelling with his brother, who believed that he was having an affair with his wife.
“We had disagreements with my brother over his wife.  He thought we were having an adulterous affair so I decided to go to Gwanda where I stayed for seven years before deciding to come back home,” he said.

One of the villagers, Marian Nemadziva said when Robert arrived in the area, some villagers took to their heels thinking that they had seen a ghost.
“It was a sad moment because even his sister ran away screaming. This alarmed other villagers who also fled. Only one person, who happens to be his friend, came and convinced other villagers that he was not a ghost,” said Nemadziva.

An official from Chief Mushumba’s court, who identified himself as Chibharo, said they were aware of the incident, adding the matter was now in the hands of the police.

Member-in-charge at Muzokomba Police station, Alfred Rwodzi, confirmed the story noting that investigations were underway.

“Yes they came to us reporting about the coming back of their son but then we will exhume the remains after thorough investigations,” said Rwodzi.
He said police would want to establish how the family buried the remains without clearance from the police.

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