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Severe allergy girl always bandaged


A little girl has such severe allergies that even a kiss could prove deadly.
Isla Franks, six, suffers such severe reactions that she is wrapped in bandages from the neck down for 24 hours a day, to protect her super-sensitive skin.

Her condition is so severe that she had to be rushed to hospital after her little sister gave her a kiss — hours after she had drunk a glass of milk.

Her parents have to keep her clothes in a freezer instead of a wardrobe — because of her extreme reaction to dust mites.

Isla was diagnosed with extreme allergies to eggs, milk, wheat, grass and dust when she was just six months old —and her parents said she would have to be wrapped in bandages to protect her skin.

Isla has a special cupboard for her food to stop it coming into contact with anything else.

Her mother Katy, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, said: “‘We can’t do the things that other families can — even something as normal as going out for dinner could be deadly for Isla.

“If anything Isla is allergic to so much as brushes past her skin, she comes up in a huge angry rash which is really painful for her.

“And if it goes anywhere near her face, her throat will start to swell. She has so many allergies, it’s difficult to keep her away from them.”

The schoolgirl struggles to live a normal life — and is regularly sent home from school after suffering from flare ups.

Last month, she suffered a reaction after sitting next to a school friend who owned a cat — revealing another allergy for her worried parents to add to the list.

Franks added: “We noticed that something wasn’t right when Isla was six months old —she stopped sleeping properly and was really grumpy.

“Her skin would flare up so badly that people even stopped me in the supermarket and asked if I had burned her.

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