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Mangwana, MDC’s war of words reaches boiling point

ZANU PF Copac co-chairman, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana, has claimed that the MDC led by Welshman Ncube was always napping during the Copac meetings and would only wake up when the word “devolution” was mentioned.

Report by Our Staff
But the party has hit back, saying Mangwana was the least qualified to talk about their attentiveness, as he hardly participated in the drafting himself.

“They will be sleeping throughout the discussions except when you come to devolution, then they wake up,” Mangwana claimed.

He alleged that Ncube had no political philosophy and was trying to find space by using devolution as his stepping stone, but he felt threatened since Zanu PF wanted decentralisation instead.

“Now that Zanu PF has said it will not talk about devolution but decentralisation, it’s now worse because you want to destroy the philosophy on which he wanted to build his party,” Mangwana continued.

But Qhubani Moyo, the MDC director of policy research, hit back saying Mangwana’s claims were nonsensical. “They are angry at devolution because for years, Mangwana’s party has been benefiting from the sweat of other provinces and now they fear their lifeline might be cut,” he said.

“In fact, Mangwana comes from a party that believes processed diesel can ooze from a rock, that shows we should not take him seriously.”

Moyo said if Mangwana wanted to know more about MDC policies, he was free to join the party.

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