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Grooming:A few tips for hairdressers

Sitting in your hairdresser’s chair at the salon is  part of everyone’s life. The frequency may differ but we must all sit in that chair at least a few times a year. Men sit in their barber’s chairs for at least half an hour to an hour while women can spend up to eight hours, depending on the hairstyle. Some hair salons make the experience extremely comfortable while others believe in just doing what needs to be done and sending you on your way.

Report by Heather R
I have a variety of hairdressers because I believe in using only the very best for each hairstyle from cornrows, braids, relaxing, cutting, styling to weaving. One of the salons offers something to drink, either a hot or cold beverage and a few biscuits and their chairs are comfortable, the salon is clean and the staff well-dressed. Given what they charge, the perks are expected.

I have also been to one that is on the other extreme end. It is located close to a bottle store and is also crammed. The staff is rowdy and anyone and everyone just walks in selling their wares and others come in to chit chat with the staff; suffice to say it is mayhem in there but they know what they are doing. They braid well and fast so you only have to endure all that craziness for a couple of hours.


Another one I have been to is understaffed and they are slow. They are great but not exceptional so their sluggishness is not justified.

That said, there are a few things that hairdressers and salon owners can implement to enhance the client’s encounter without breaking the bank:



  •  Breath mints

Because you are in your client’s face, you do not want her squirming each time you come too close due to your unbearable breath. Choose a powerful brand of breath mints or chewing gum.


Remember that a dry mouth also smells, so drink up and find something to snack on.



  •  Armpits

Doing hair requires your armpits to be over your client’s head or at times in their face. Having your scalp pulled and yanked in the name of beauty is bad enough without having to deal with smelly armpits. It is summer now, so sweating is evident. Shave your armpits, make sure you wash them thoroughly and then use an anti-perspirant.



  • Phonecalls

We know you have to take calls but we are appealing that where possible you do not have conversations over our heads and into our ears. If you must take your calls, please keep them brief and as exciting as the conversations may be, please do not shout.



  • Loud conversations

Please be sensitive to your clients. The conversations between hairdressers can be too loud. It ends up being noise to the client. There will always be a time when there are no clients so shout away during that time but once you have a client in your chair, tone it down so it does not sound like a shebeen.



  • Gossip

I once had my hair braided by a young hairdresser who was bragging about her three boyfriends: a pastor, minister and a regular bloke. She was talking about how she had offered to shop for the minister’s wife because she did not feel she dressed appropriately for her social standing. Talk about TMI (too much information). It was nothing to be proud or brag about.



Clients must be hygienic and avoid gossip

Some hairdressers have complained about the dirt behind their clients’ ears. Some women just forget about the back of their ears and dirt ends up accumulating behind there and the smell tends to be unbearable.

Like the hairdressers, clients are also guilty of gossiping with their friends or hairdressers about other people. The things hairdressers know about people’s lives are just unbelievable. Use some discretion, as private as some hair salon may be, the walls have ears and your hairdresser is not deaf. Keep the conversation general and do not talk so much about other people and do not divulge too much about the things going on in your life too. I have been guilty of this one once or twice but I realised I could do better than that.

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