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Arrest Chinamasa, Gumbo: MDC-T

THE MDC-T has called for the arrest of Justice and Legal Affairs minister, Patrick Chinamasa and Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, accusing the two of plotting to subvert the will of the people in the forthcoming elections.
Report by Patrice Makova

Chinamasa, who is Zanu PF’s chief negotiator under the Global Political Agreement (GPA) talks, recently told the BBC that his party and the military would not accept Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s electoral victory in the forthcoming elections.

Gumbo on the other hand, reportedly warned that it would be “messy” if Tsvangirai won the elections, telling South Africa’s e-News Channel Africa that hardliners would find it difficult to hand over power to the PM.

Addressing hundreds of party supporters in St Mary’s suburb in Chitungwiza yesterday, MDC-T secretary-general, Tendai Biti, said Chinamasa’s statement was tantamount to inciting a coup in Zimbabwe.

“Chinamasa’s statement is treasonous, more so, coming from a so-called minister of Justice, who knows very well that the constitution stipulates that whenever the country goes for elections, the will of the people has to be respected,” he said.

“If there was justice and the rule of law in the country, Chinamasa and Gumbo would be in Chikurubi prison by now.”

He said although his party was non-violent, it would not allow the military and Zanu PF to reverse a Tsvangirai and MDC-T electoral victory.

“We will not allow next year’s elections to be stolen,” Biti vowed.
“We will defend the vote and the result.”

The MDC-T secretary-general said securocrats would not be allowed to disrespect Tsvangirai.

“It’s day-dreaming to say securocrats will not salute Tsvangirai if he wins the Presidential elections. The constitution is clear, that they are subordinate to a civilian government,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister and MDC-T vice-president, Thokozani Khupe, also said the military was powerless to prevent an MDC-T victory.
“Who are they to stop the will of the people?” she asked.
“This time around this is not going to happen.”

Khupe said next year’s elections have to be free and fair and be a reflection of the will of the people if they are to be considered legitimate by Zimbabweans and the international community.

Respect the democratic process: Gumbo

Gumbo yesterday denied ever saying there would be a bloodbath, insisting that he respected the democratic process.

“I don’t know about what Chinamasa said, but all I said was that it would be messy if Tsvangirai wins because there are so many forces,” he said.

Contacted for comment last night, Chinamasa said he was in a meeting and promised to call back The Standard.

Political analysts also said threats attributed to Chinamasa and Gumbo were tantamount to tearing up the Constitution.

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