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Majaivana blesses son to take up music

It has become a trend on the local music scene for children of music legends to want to take after their parents.

Some have succeeded while others have failed to maintain the standards set by music pioneers in their families.

Immediate examples include the late Sam Mtukudzi son to Oliver, Sulumani Chimbetu son to the late Simon “Chopper” and Peter Moyo son to the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo.

While others take up the art when parents are still alive, most of the “sons and daughters of legends” venture into music when the pioneers have passed on, with an aim of keeping the musical alive.

Among those that have decided to follow their parents’ footsteps is Derick Majaivana son to the highly talented, Lovemore Majaivana who quit music in the ’90s.

Lovemore is now based in the United States where he is reportedly doing pastoral work and has completely divorced himself from music, despite boasting numerous classics.

Music fans have felt the gap left by departure of the Umoya Wami hitmaker and Derick believes he can fill the gap. He said his father has given him his blessings to take up music.

“Initially my father did not want me to pursue music, but he has now told me that he wishes the best for me,” said Derick.
Derick will next month release his debut album titled Bayamemeza.

“The six-track album is a dedication to people outside Zimbabwe, far from their families looking for money and ways of keeping the lives of their loved ones better,” said Derick.

The 34-year-old musician said he was just carrying forward his father’s traditional music. He has reorganised his father’s band and named it The New Zulu band. The new album will carry a remix of Umoya Wami.

“My father told me to focus on school work and I obeyed him. I concentrated on my studies and then trained as a police officer,” said Derick.

“In 2003 I quit my job after realising that all I wanted to do was to become a musician. Now he (my father) has told me that he wishes me the best.”

He said he would do the best he could to maintain his father’s music. He hopes to make the album a special present for his father.

Derick’s love for music started at a tender age when he used to imitate the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. He was inspired when he saw his father performing on those rare occasions.

“I started seriously performing music in 2003 with a band called One Plus One. in 2008 I formed my own band. My biggest challenge was getting live shows because promoters lacked confidence in me as a performer, but I must say, things are improving now.”

Derick said he wished every Zimbabwean artist could get sufficient airplay on local radio stations, alleging that certain artists got priority from disc jockeys.

His manager, John Goredema, said he was convinced Derick’s music would remind people of his father’s days of glory.
“What he needs most right now is support from various music promoters nationwide,” said Goredema.

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