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October, black month for musicians

Musicians and fans last month remembered Tongai Moyo who died on October 15 last year.

Report by Jairos Saunyama

For many years, October has been bad for the music industry and records reveal that many musicians have died in the month.

Is the month of October cursed? Fortunately, this year’s October passed without robbing us of our entertainers. But history has painted the month black on several past music calendars.

Last year was the worst as the month claimed four musicians. Below are some musicians who have died in the month of October:

James Chimombe
Chimombe, who was popularly known as “Mr Bindura”, died on October 23 1990 after battling a long illness. He left a void that has proved difficult to fill despite frantic efforts by his children to revive his legacy.

He was a talented vocalist and guitarist. His career saw him working with OK Success, Acid Band, Ocean City Band and Huchi Band. He is best known for his hits Jemedza, Kudakwashe and Bindura.

Chimombe died at age 39 and Jemedza is believed to have been a farewell message.

Paul Matavire
Matavire died at his farm in Rutenga on October 18 2005 at the age of 44, after a long illness.

He was songwriter who hailed from Mwenezi and rose to prominence in the 1980s when he joined the Jairos Jiri Band. His hit song Dhiyabhorosi Nyoka not only stirred controversy on its release because of its reference to the biblical Eve, and women in general, as the root cause of every man’s troubles.

He is remembered for his willingness to experiment with the Shona language in his songs, coining phrases that have remained part of everyday conversation. Unfortunately he had no children or a band member to carry on his legacy.

Admire Kasenga
Kasenga succumbed to a long illness on October 17 2004. A luminary in his own right, Kasenga died at the age of 34 at his brother’s home in Chinhoyi. He is well-remembered for popular songs Auntie Rhoda and Pamuchato wa Tobias.

The songs were among the musician’s hits that shook the airwaves and social gatherings in the late ’90s and early into the new millennium.

Chakanetsa Kumulani
He died on October 6 2011 after a long illness.

He was brother to talented bassist Spencer Kumulani who now plies his trade with Energy Mutodi.

He was a talented musician at the popular sungura outfit Gakamoto Jumbo Stars and his rhythm guitar prowess and powerful vocals are inimitable. Gakamoto Jumbo Stars, formed in Mazowe in 1992, stole the limelight with Chiramwiwa in 1993 before releasing other popular songs that include Chirangano and Mukuwasha Dondo.

Wiseman Magaya
Magaya was one of the founding members of the popular Apostolic choral group Vabati VaJehovah and did lead vocals on popular songs like Chiripo Chikomo and Tirimo Munzira. He died on October 7 2011.

He became the third family member from the popular apostolic a cappella music group to die within a space of five years after his two younger brothers Wiseman and Timothy passed on in 2007 and 2009 respectively. Wiseman died after a short illness.

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