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Thundercloud Spur and Panarotti’s — An enjoyable meal and the best pizza in town

As an end-of-year treat for our kids, we took them to dinner to celebrate excellent school results. Their restaurant of choice was Thundercloud Spur, located in the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls. This has been a favoured family option from when the children where tiny tots. It’s good to be able to sit and relax while the kids are entertained by the friendly staff and I never worry about disturbing other customers as there are usually plenty of families with the same idea in mind.

by Le Connoisseur

The décor is American Western and the seating very comfortable; they have a children’s play area, as well as a TV, which is great if you want to catch a rugby or soccer match. We were welcomed by our waitress Netsai who saw us to our table. For the first time this year, we found a restaurant where the Restaurant Manager checked on us, and was attentive! I have to say this was appreciated and does not happen often enough! The menu caused us some problems as they have the old prices on them and you have to cross- check against a new pricelist. It would be good to see this rectified on our next visit. The menu was varied and definitely targeted primarily at those who enjoy meat and large portions of food! They offer various options from Tex Mex, to lots of different steaks, burgers, chicken, schnitzel, to calamari, fish and pork chops, with a choice of chips, rice or baked potato with sour cream. Sadly, the salad bar is no longer operational — this was a feature at Spur which we have always enjoyed. So if you are looking for vegetarian food, your options would be a vegetarian fajita or enchilada and a baked potato. They offer alcoholic drinks — and a selection of house wine.

Our kids decided on pizza which was swiftly organised from Panarotti’s next door — the two restaurants continue to share essentially the same premises, since tourism downturned in the Falls, and we were reviewing both the Spur steak and Panarotti’s pizza options. Cooked in a real pizza oven, their pizzas have crisp bases and are definitely the best in town! We tried the crumbed mushrooms and calamari starter which was delicious and fresh, followed by 300g ribs and rump steak served with baked potatoes. The steak was cooked to perfection and tender, the ribs were scrumptious. The baked potatoes had a lovely smokey flavour and the sour cream was perfect. Our dessert choice was scrumptious chocolate . . . we opted for the chocolate mousse and chocoholic brownies, which came served with a generous portion of ice-cream.

As with many eateries, especially in areas were the tourist trade dropped off for few years, a dash of TLC in the ablutions, paintwork and spit and polish departments would make a good experience, better. You can look to spending between US$25 and US$35, depending on what you choose from the menu. Looking at the prices in Victoria Falls, this is in line with what other Hotel Restaurants are charging – however the portions at Spur are very generous – so good value for money.

Speciality Restaurant – pizza (Panarotti’s) and (Spur) steak
3 Plates
Expect to spend US$25 – US$35 per head
Kingdom Hotel, Victoria Falls

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