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Peter Ndlovu breaks down at Adam’s funeral

SOCCER legend Peter Ndlovu yesterday made an emotional appearance at the funeral service of his late brother, Adam, that was held at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre.


Arriving more than an hour after the commencement of proceedings, the fully-packed amphitheatre exploded into a rapturous applause for the wheelchair bound Peter, who was in the company of his girlfriend Pinky and two male nurses, Tawanda Kapita and Ananias Mutengwa.
With tears streaming down his cheeks, the former Warriors striker wore a solemn face as he was stitched just above his right eye and forehead, with both his legs cast in plaster.

A visibly shaken Peter would sometimes appear as if he was talking to himself, spending the better part of the service with his chin resting on his hand.

After almost everyone had finished viewing Adam’s body, a tearful Peter made his way to their mother, whom she hugged before paying his last respects to his brother.

The former Coventry City striker could however, afford a smile at least at Lady Stanley Cemetery, when he was being consoled by prophet Andrew Wutaunashe of the Family of God Church.

Another distraught moment came again when Zimbabwe Sables coach, Brandon Dawson, came to console Peter, who started crying.
Dawson could neither contain his emotions as he also cried.
Peter’s ex-wife, Sharon Dee, led the laying of wreath on Adam’s grave.

Earlier she had sung at the church service.
Peter’s afternoon ended when he was aided into a South African-registered VW Amarok vehicle some minutes after Adam had been laid to rest.

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