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Jacob’s Well — Worth a trip to Westgate

Jacob’s Well will be described by some as off the beaten track. I had not been before, and it was a pleasant surprise, well worth the trip, in a lovely peaceful setting.

By le connoisseur

With the re-birth that’s going on at Westgate Shopping Centre, Jacob’s Well, there to be discovered on the way, by the myriad shoppers and film lovers who are beginning once more to wend their way across town to shop or go to the re-opened and re-furbed cinemas there, will positively hum I should think! Apparently still quiet during the week, there is already a lot of activity in during the weekend.

Jacob’s Well diners are invited to sit outside under the palm trees, with a lovely breeze that rustles its way through the palms and other lush foliage.

Each table has its own slightly secluded area within the garden, very tastefully furnished, and if the multitudes of palms do not provide you with enough shade, the large umbrellas most certainly will.

Although situated on a busy road, the sounds of the traffic are well-muted and the surroundings are interesting, with the little Well in the centre, and the tranquil garden — all very pleasant and relaxing.

The children’s eyes lit up when they saw the fabulous climbing frames and play area, probably one of the nicest I have seen, not too high, and therefore not so nerve wracking for parents!

Easily seen from the eating area and very secure, although not so close as to be intrusive, these frames and swings kept them well-occupied, leaving us to indulge ourselves; perfect for the little ones who need to burn off some energy while the grown-ups chatter.

The menu is on a chalk board, and while I am sure this makes it easy to amend, we had to keep asking the waiter what each salad comprised, as it was not particularly clear. He was however extremely helpful, and seemed to have a good knowledge of what was on offer.

The coffee milkshakes were particularly good, and we followed these up with a Jacob’s Well salad. This was however a tad disappointing — one type of lettuce, an awful lot of large onion and green pepper chunks, and by comparison, rather small bits of bacon and feta cheese. The portions, however, were generous.

Even though we were quite full by now, we found room to sample some milk tart and finish with coffee. The milk tart was absolutely divine, very smooth, with a lovely subtle flavour, and the pastry was delightfully light.

The Latté that we had with it was very milky with not much coffee taste to it — though I know some prefer it like this. The cappuccino was however very good (perhaps even a little strong for my own tastes — clearly we are fussy when it comes to our coffee and how we like it!)

The service at this neat little establishment is really good, with the staff friendly and helpful and our own waiter eager to assist in any way possible. The bill was brought very promptly, but alas they were unable to provide us with change.

All told, this was a very enjoyable visit. I will definitely go back to this little gem, as Jacob’s Well has a lot to offer, especially for those with small children who need an outing. Prices are reasonable and the setting lovely. I look forward to my next trip across town and anticipate a lovely coffee break along the way.

Coffee Shop
3 Plates
Expect to spend US$10 to US$20 a head
55 Harare Drive, Marlborough, Harare

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