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Referendum:ZCTU backs yes vote

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) will support the “Yes” vote in the forthcoming referendum slated for March 16 despite noting the document has a number of deficiencies.

BY Christopher Mahove

ZCTU President, George Nkiwane, told The Standard that the general council had resolved to support the Copac’s draft constitution after getting some advice from legal experts.

“We have maintained the position which we took earlier, to support the process although we are aware that it is not a perfect document. Following some advice from legal experts in the union, we resolved that it was a good working document,” he said.

Nkiwane said the draft provided that all international treaties signed by the country automatically became law without having to be ratified first, which he said was viewed as positive for workers.

“We are merely saying it is an improvement from the current constitution, as workers will benefit from the clauses that make all international treaties and conventions legally-binding locally, without necessarily having to be ratified first before they become law,” he said.

Nkiwane said members of the general council, were now expected to go to their union structures and spread the word. He said the union would not launch a fully-fledged campaign to support the draft.

Nkiwane however, observed the draft had a lot of clauses that needed attention, noting especially the clause which put civil servants under the Public Service Commission.

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