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MDC-T scared, claims all dead bodies: Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe yesterday accused the MDC-T of claiming all dead bodies to gain cheap political mileage ahead of elections due later this year.

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Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Bindura at his belated 89th birthday party, Mugabe claimed the MDC-T was running scared and had resorted to lying to the international community on the upsurge of violence in the country.

“They have a problem that they blame anyone who dies on Zanu PF,” Mugabe said.

“This is a disease not in Zanu PF.”

Mugabe was speaking on recent allegations that Zanu PF members had been responsible for the death of Christpowers Maisiri in a suspected arson attack in Headlands last week.

MDC-T says this illustrated that there was an upsurge in violence, but Zanu PF says the police are yet to complete their investigations and any accusations are premature.

Mugabe said in light of these accusations, Zanu PF was now being seen as a witch, which was responsible for all the deaths in Zimbabwe.

“Whereever there’s a funeral, even if the person has been gored by a bull, they say it is Zanu PF. Even if someone falls from a vehicle, they say it is Zanu PF,” Mugabe said, drawing laughter from the packed stadium.

The president accused the MDC of writing to Britain and America, exaggerating the claims of violence and claiming that Zanu PF had “finished people” in Zimbabwe.

‘US ambassador biased’

Mugabe had no kind words for US envoy, Bruce Wharton, whom he accused of taking sides with the MDC-T and ignoring facts about the reported attack on the Maisiri family.

“I heard the ambassador commenting on the Headlands incident even before investigations had commenced and the preliminary report had ruled out foul play. he comments were in line with the MDC,” he said.
“If he wants to support the MDC on the basis of dishonesty, let him tell us that is what they want to do.”

Mugabe said the US thrived on dishonesty and this led them to invade Iraq on the basis of non-existent weapons of mass destruction.
He said the cornerstone for the toppling of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi had also been false.

Mugabe reiterated his call for peace, saying Zanu PF was capable of winning a peaceful election.

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