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We are the pioneers of women soccer — Richard

Richard however, said together with Chris Matema and Lester Katete, they were the pioneers of women’s football in the 1970s with the formation of Dynamos Queens, Highlanders Queens and St Mary’s among others.

“We started women’s football back in the 70s, but it only became organised in the late 90s at the instigation of then Zifa chairman Leo Mugabe,” said Richard, who is also a Fifa high-level instructor.

“The modern day Premiership used to fall under Zifa and all the money from gate takings would be managed by the association until 1993. As the association’s finance director under the Mugabe administration, we bought the Zifa House in Livingstone Avenue, the plot where Zifa Village is and another Zifa House in Bulawayo,” said Richard, who is a Futuro Level Two holder and also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators.

“If our football is to grow, we need to revive junior policy, as is the case with the big teams in the world. In Ndebele we say ikhula lamanono ayo [You grow up with your habits]. Clubs should desist from cheque book development. The councils should also revive the boys and girls clubs. Clubs such as Manchester United thrive on youth development,” said Richard, who together with his wife, is currently preparing modules on football administration.

I am proud of what i have done so far — Eusebia

Eusebia says she is proud of what she has done for Zimbabwean football so far, especially women’s soccer.

“I am proud of what I have achieved for women’s football. In 2007 I became the acting chairperson following the disbandment of the executive led by Susan Chibizhe. I then lost the elections in 2007 and since then, I have not contested for a position,” she said.

“I am happy with what we achieved during our tenure as we formed the Women Friends of Football that mobilised funds for women’s football. Members of the fund included Moline Nyemba, Barbra Chikosi and Elizabeth Bwanya. My husband was there as a technical advisor because of his experience and financial expertise. During that time we managed to sent teams to regional tournaments and used our house as an office sometimes.”

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