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Time for lunch at the Banff Coffee Shop

A Coffee Shop should fill a number of niche markets, and one of those is to satisfy a quick lunch break with a decent meal in a short time frame.

My partner and I put Banff Coffee Shop to the test. The coffee shop is attached to Banff Lodge and overlooks manicured gardens and a crystal clear swimming pool for lodge residents. Onsite parking is easy and secure.

We were offered indoor or outdoor seating and chose to sit outside under the thatched gazebo overlooking the swimming pool. The waiter was quick, which boded well for the limited time we had available. We both ordered drinks and studied their lunch menu.

There were a surprising variety of options available, albeit with a limited choice for vegetarians, although it must be remembered we were at a coffee shop.

My partner ordered the chicken while I settled on the steak, and both were good. The on-plate salad that came with the meals could perhaps have been better, though was more imaginative than many, in an area where quite a number of restaurants could go further, and impress more.

Our food was delivered to our table with impressive speed. As we ate, more and more people arrived until all tables in the gazebo were full.

The meals satisfied our appetites and did so in a timely fashion. To finish, my partner ordered coffee while I decided on a desert.
The coffee shop setting is relaxed, with the lazy afternoon impression being enhanced by the proximity of the swimming pool. Behind the pool wall, a great expanse of grass is useful for kids to play and run without disturbing the diners.

An added bonus for anyone who has a bit more time on their hands is free WiFi to paying customers. I was tempted to check my email, but reminded myself I was on lunch break!

The bench and table seating arrangement meant you could not lean right back into your chair for a longer, lazier afternoon, and we thought the addition of a few more comfortable chairs under the gazebo would encourage clientèle with more time on their hands than we had that day, to stay longer, and eat and drink more.

We enjoyed great service from our waiter, the other waiters and management. We were made to feel comfortable, while there was still demonstrable appreciation of our limited time frame for lunch.
Our mission was accomplished with satisfaction!

If you require a quick lunch or just want to relax for a morning or afternoon coffee, then it is well worth a visit to the Banff Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop
4 Plates
Expect to spend US$10 – US$20 per head
35 Leander Ave, Hillside, Bulawayo

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