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Why Zimbabwe is failing to achieve MDG 7

The main reason why Zimbabwe is failing to achieve Millenium Development Goal (MDG) 7 lies within the overall policy arena.


The major challenge that the country faces in ensuring environmental sustainability is effective imple­mentation of the Environmental Management Act.

The Environ­mental Management Agency (EMA) plays a key role in translat­ing the objectives of the Act into reality, but it lacks both human and financial resources.

The low level of environmental aware­ness among key law enforcement agencies such as the judiciary and the police further hinders both the success of domestic self-financing mechanisms through fines and penalties to replenish the Environmental Fund.

Key policy frameworks such as a national climate change strategy are not in place, making it difficult for the country to engage effectively on climate change.

The major challenges affecting the provision of clean water and good sanitation include eroded institutional and community ca­pacity at all levels in terms of human, financial and material re­sources.

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