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MDC councillors defect to Zanu PF

Four Nkayi South councillors from the Welshman Ncube-led MDC yesterday defected to Zanu PF at a rally organised by Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu.


The councillors are Thokozani Mpofu (Ward 3), Jabulani Manqonda Ncube (Ward 16), Lewis Moyo (Ward 27) and Collet Dube (Ward 15).
Speaking at the rally at Mkha-lakathi Primary School in Nkayi, one of the defectors Manqonda Mpofu said he had left MDC because of many unfulfilled promises.

“We have approached Minister Mpofu because he has been of great assistance to Nkayi. The people here are hungry and Mpofu has assisted the people with food so we decided to come back to Zanu PF,” he said.

“For the past 13 years, we have voted for members of parliament  but they have done nothing for the people,” said Manqonda Mpofu.
Mpofu said he had been invited to Nkayi by the four councillors who had informed him about their defection.

“They came to my office many times, saying they want to defect to the party but I told them to organise a meeting first so that we have people to witness them coming to the party,” said Mpofu.
“We want the people of Nkayi to vote into power people who will work for them and promote development. Zanu PF is the only party that will carry the aspirations of the people”.

Mpofu, who also donated 20 tonnes of maize, said Zanu PF had selected President Robert Mugabe as their candidate for the forthcoming elections, as he was a principled leader.

“President Mugabe is the only one who carries the vision of the veteran nationalist Joshua Nkomo. Before a revolutionary died, he told President Mugabe to make sure that the people are united and that the whites give back the land to the people,” said Mpofu.

“President Mugabe has been denigrated by the western media for his principles. All these other parties have been hired by the west to unseat Zanu PF.”

MDC officials could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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