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Buyanga dishes out money in SA

Zimbabwean businessman Frank Buyanga is turning to be a “saviour” in South Africa.


Buyanga is on the police wanted list for allegedly using his then Hamilton Properties to con people of their properties. Interpol have also issued a warrant of arrest for the businessman.

But on Friday, Hamilton Foundation, in which Buyanga is the chairperson, announced that it would donate R500 000 (about US$55 000) to 10 child-headed families in Alexandria this year.

Buyanga said the foundation was touched by the plight of South African children, nearly a fifth of whom live in orphan-headed households.

Buyanga said a report by statistical agency, Statistics SA last year found out that 65% of children in South Africa lived in households with a per capita income of less than R650 (about US$70) a month.

“The R5 000 (about US$550) a month that the Hamilton Foundation has allocated to these families will go a long way in alleviating some of the hardships faced by these families as many young people are at risk of becoming unemployable and of falling into systemic chronic poverty,” Buyanga was quoted as saying.

The Hamilton Foundation has also pledged to continue with the donations to the 10 families until the children were able to look after themselves.

Buyanga hogged the limelight three years ago after his Hamilton Properties was accused of duping desperate Zimbabweans of their properties and assets through an elaborate money lending business.
Under the agreements, clients would sell their assets and properties to Buyanga’s companies and then buy back the same properties and assets at a higher price but on instalments.

Over 200 lost their properties as a result.

Buyanga denies any wrongdoing, saying his problems were being orchestrated by a senior Zanu PF politician who borrowed money and does not want to repay.

He has also hired a top Israeli lawyer, Nick Kaufman, to fight the Interpol warrant of arrest.

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