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One injured as haulage truck rams into surgery

A female passenger was injured and rushed to Avenues Clinic after a vehicle she was travelling in was involved in an accident with a haulage truck along Hebert Chitepo and Prince Edward road, early yesterday morning.


The haulage truck rammed into a surgery, destroying the reception area while trying to avoid a head-on collision with a ML Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes destroyed part of the perimeter fence after it was hit on the side by the haulage truck.

A witness claimed the driver of the Mercedes Benz went through a red traffic light.

He said the haulage truck swerved to avoid a collision before ramming into the surgery building at 112 Hebert Chitepo which houses at least three medical doctors.

“I tried to cross the road but realised that the oncoming Benz was speeding and gave no indication of braking. The haulage truck was driving through and tried to avoid a collision with the car and hence he swerved and rammed into the surgery”, he said.

However, the driver of the Mercedes Benz who was visibly shaken, vehemently refuted the claims maintaining that the traffic lights were green on both sides.

He said he did not slow down as the traffic light looked green on his side, hence the collision.

The haulage truck driver however turned aggressive and shouted obscenities.

The caretaker of the damaged premises Rashid Kind Misinga said he was woken up by the impact of the collision of both vehicles on the premises.

“I woke up to a thunderous sound and went to check only to find the haulage truck rammed in the surgery office with the Benz having hit the durawall,” he said.

“There was a scantily-dressed female passenger who appeared hurt and the driver quickly rushed her to hospital.”

Misinga said although both drivers were contradicting each other, he wanted the person responsible to repair the premises.

“It’s a huge inconvenience to the doctors and their patients, just because of reckless driving,” he said.

Police could not be reached for comment.

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