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Well-cooked food with the right portions at Vanilla Moon

Friday is the day to leave work and just jolly well go and have some lunch somewhere.

By Le connoisseur

We decided to try out the Vanilla Moon, situated at 8 Seagrave Road in Mount Pleasant.

It has a nice setting in a largish garden, with a nice verandah, as well as a small inside space.

There was also a tented extension to the verandah. Arriving a bit earlier than my companion, I was shown a table on the verandah, and given a menu. I was quite thirsty so after about 10 minutes I asked the waiter whether I could have something to drink.

Fresh fruit-juice of the day was orange juice, so I had some of that. It came quickly, but alas clearly was not fresh but from a box.My lunch-guest arrived and we had a nice time studying the menu and deciding how to combine our choices into a representative experience of the Vanilla Moon.

We talked recipes, presentation, ingredients and all the rest of the stuff making up the excitement of the culinary world. In the end we went for a glazed chicken twister and a cajun chicken. The menu said that the twister came with nice spices and a salad; the cajun chicken would come with some aubergine and blue-cheese mayonnaise, served on French bread.

We also ordered some homemade lemonade.When the dishes arrived, we saw that the twister was a nice generous size and well-filled with chicken. The cajun chicken appeared to lack cajun spices, and the blue-cheese mayonnaise and aubergines were absent as well. It was served on a sesame bun.

In the end it was just a roll with chicken fillet and a leaf of lettuce with a slice of tomato, served with another salad containing the same, as well as chips.

There was a yoghurt sauce which however, I could not identify as specifically cajun either, alas. It did not deter us at all from having a very nice time sharing stories about food, cooking, recipes, disasters and successes.

The food was well-cooked and tasty, and the portions were exactly right. Having finished our plates, we ordered some millionaire’s shortbread and a German nut-cake. I asked for a short American coffee as well, with — why not indulge! — some whipped cream. The cake was warm and the cinnamon was greatly enhanced by this, it was lovely.

The coffee was of good strength and served in a nice tallish cup. My companion remarked that the short American now had a creamy texture and that he was accompanied by a German nut-case. Well, be that as it may — I liked them!

Coffee Shop3 PlatesExpect to spend US$15 – US$20 for lunch8 Seagrave Road, Mount Pleasant, Harare


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