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O’Hagan’s for great pub grub

Winter had suddenly hit, and it was a cold and windy, as well as overcast day.


Time, so we thought, to go to a heart-warming pub and enjoy some honest fare.

We chose O’Hagan’s, and were indeed welcomed most warmly, and sat ourselves down at one of the many indoor tables. It was a quiet lunch-time session, and while every now and then glancing at the sport on the screen, we studied the menu, sipping our fruit juice.

The menu offers a very pleasing variety of dishes — including breakfast — and ranges from pub fare, such as bangers and mash, beef potpie, chops etc, to various pastas, salads, and a lot of snack baskets with chicken, ribs, samoosas and all of that.

We chose the chicken livers and the chicken fingers to start with (the snails and crumbed mushrooms were not available) and for mains we opted for the beef potpie and the kingklip with mash.

We had a little wait before our starters were ready, and we discussed our lives. Finances, grown-up children and ideas for home improvement.

Our quick review did not get us much beyond acknowledging that in some areas we were alright, whereas in others there was still some work outstanding. I guess that is how it is with most of us. The starters then arrived, and the livers and the fingers were done very nicely and we enjoyed them to the full.

The chicken fingers were actually not a starter per se, and came in quite a sizeable basket, and what’s more, this basket also contained quite a good serving of chips. I realised that I would never finish my main course if I succumbed to the enticement of the chips.

I stood firm — mainly because I knew that my potpie would also come with chips: I would have my second chance.

The mains were brought soon after. I gobbled up some chips immediately, of course. Then I opened the large puff pastry cap on my beef potpie. A lovely cloud of fragrant steam arose, redolent with Guinness.

The beef was succulent and had a hint of that particular Guinness flavour. The kingklip was done very well, although the haricot verts were slightly too crunchy, but the mash was super and creamy. We congratulated ourselves on our choice of pub.

Pub Restaurant
4 Plates
Expect to spend US$15 – US$25 per head
Sam Levy’s Village

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