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Villagers complain of rampant stock theft

VILLAGERS in Esigodini in Matabeleland South are complaining about increased cases of cattle thefts in the area.


They told The Standard they made several reports to the local police station but nothing had changed.

“We have a serious problem here, as thieves are stealing cattle especially calves and then put new brand marks on them, making it difficult for owners to identify them as theirs,” said a villager, Thinkwell Moyo. “Police have been told about these thefts, but nothing has been done so far.”

Another villager, who refused to be named for fear of victimisation, claimed that the police were afraid to act because one of those implicated was a former police officer.

He said one villager last month recovered his stolen cattle at a nearby farm already branded with new marks.

The villager said the cattle were branded the way the former police officer put marks on his cattle.

“Police are aware of these stock theft cases but we are very worried about why nothing is being done,” said the villager. “We are calling for investigations into the alarming number of stocktheft cases here.”

But Matabeleland South acting police spokesperson, Sergeant Nkosilathi Sibanda professed ignorance over the thefts.

“Did those people tell the police about that? As far as I know; we do not have such a report with us at the moment,” said Sibanda “I will have to contact Esigodini police to find out.”

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