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Bannie’s capable of achieving great heights

After a long and busy morning dashing around town, doing office shopping with my friend, it was very pleasant to enter the quiet orderliness of Bannie’s.


It was our second visit to this restaurant situated on the ground floor of the NSSA Building.

This restaurant is open 24/7, which makes it a convenient place to go and have a bite to eat any time of the day or night. We received a friendly greeting from our waiter and were invited to choose our own table.

The restaurant seemed to emanate a very calm and unhurried atmosphere, probably because we were a little on the late side of lunch hour, and we had missed the rush. We received a friendly greeting from the manager-owner.

Our waiter brought our menu, informing us that Today’s Specials were grilled chicken and pork chops and that meals are served with a choice of rice, chips or sadza, plus salad, and she took our drinks order.

There were several fizzy soft drink options available and milkshakes as well.

The menu was attractive and easy to read, with a large and varied choice of dishes — I would compliment management for making an improvement with this well-designed and easy to follow menu, in comparison to my last visit here.

The other main courses included beef stew, pan fried hake, sirloin steak and tsuro (rabbit) stew, to mention a few. I opted for the grilled chicken special, which came accompanied by a generous bowl of salad. My friend ordered the other special, the pork chops, and both dishes were very nicely cooked and well presented. We noted that the prices at Bannie’s were very reasonable indeed.

Their dessert menu comprised ice- cream, waffles, chocolate cake, muffins and queen cakes. We ordered black forest cake which happens to be our favourite. This took quite a long time to come, but we were pleased with the taste which compensated for the long wait. The cake was divine and it’s fresh cream topping a “wow”.

I will certainly return to the much improved Bannie’s soon, for an afternoon tea or a breakfast. The rest rooms were clean and well-kept and the premises well-maintained. What seems a little lacking, is some vibrancy and energy to create a bit more ambience.

However, if Bannie’s keeps maintaining these standards and improves the service a bit more by training their staff better, they are capable of achieving greater heights. Compliments to the owner for steering the ship well, and bringing things more to life here, keep it up.

Family Restaurant
3 Plates
Expect to spend US$10 to US$15 per head
NSSA Building by National Gallery, Harare

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