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How to smell fresh all the time

As promised, the grooming series continues. The way you smell and present yourself are all part of your grooming.

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Here are a few ways of keeping those odours at bay:
Bathing is an obvious way to take care of odours, when done daily and thoroughly.

Brushing of teeth needs to be done daily and thoroughly as well, including your tongue. Flossing is a good habit to adopt as well.
Wash your clothes regularly, taking special care to wash your armpits carefully in order to get rid of sweat.

Wear a fresh pair of underwear, daily. Do not succumb to the temptation to repeat your underwear.

Socks must be changed daily in order to avoid that musty smell. Our feet are trapped in shoes all day long and they tend to sweat. There is no aeration and the result is sweaty, stinky feet.

If possible, do not wear the same pair of shoes the entire week. Men are the culprits of this one. Have at least three pairs of dress shoes, in order to allow the other pair to breathe.

When you remove shoes, wipe them down with a damp cloth that has a bit of bicarbonate of soda on it and place them somewhere airy so they breathe.

Sprinkling some talcum powder in your shoes will help them stay dry-ish and odour-free.

Applying antiperspirant will keep you from sweating too much and in the event that you still do sweat, it will not smell as bad. You may also spray some perfume for that overall fresh scent.

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