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Council lobbies for cheaper taxi fares for women wearing short skirts

Essex — A council is considering urging taxi firms to provide cheaper cab fares for women who wear revealing clothes.


Brentwood Borough Council is considering the bizarre move in a bid to stop women wearing short skirts or low-cut tops becoming a target for sex attackers.

The council is considering discounted taxi prices so that “provocatively dressed” women can be driven back home and have less of a problem getting a ride.

Chris Hossack is heading a new action group set up by Brentwood Borough Council — the setting for The Only Way Is Essex — to tackle issues facing the town’s night-time economy.

He came under fire last week when he accused reality TV show Towie of encouraging sex assaults on women.

Hossack said female stars of the show — who sometimes wear revealing clothes — were responsible for more young girls dressing provocatively.

And he said the ITV1 show encourages men to try to take advantage of such women on nights out.

He said: “Has Towie made an impact? I think it has.

“They come down to buy clothes from their shops and wear them on the night, trying to make themselves look more attractive.

“My wife read Amy Childs’ comments about the need to be responsible, but she’s part of the problem as far as I’m concerned.

“The businesses she’s chosen to go into have been built on her attractive looks”.

The politician denied that the idea of dropping fares would encourage more women to copy the dress code and added: “To be honest, I don’t think it can get any worse. They can’t possibly wear any less.

“Our key priority is to keep young people safe, and stop anti-social behaviour on the streets at night”.

His comments were slammed by Victim Support who said: “It must always be remembered that a victim is just that.

“It should never be suggested that a victim makes themselves open to crime because of what they wear or how they act.

“When a crime is committed, it is always the perpetrator who must be brought to book”.

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