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Each one of us has a role to play to raise standards in Zim

There are those pointing at the police force, as holding the highest rate in corrupt activities. But, I beg to differ. Corruption involves two individuals, one giving and the other receiving bribes.


Certainly, there would not be corruption among the law enforcement agents, if the general public upheld ethics in their dealings with those forces, being appreciative of the responsibility to maintain all laws of the land.

Similarly, it is wrong to point at the vileness of the ladies of the night in the avenues area, without mentioning the adulterous behaviour of those men, who go after such ladies.

Those in the Diaspora, express exasperation at the re-election of President Robert Mugabe, considered as responsible for the degeneration of the economy. But, their being in the Diaspora may be a reflection of a people who care for themselves more than they should also care for the general populace in their own land, taking comfort in being regarded as economic refugees. In their millions, their votes could have made a difference, let alone their contribution in decision-making and influence. Everyone should appreciate that what prevails in Zimbabwe is a reflection of the calibre of people contributing in maintaining the status quo, inadvertently, not necessarily the qualities of the President, who others, in their misdemeanour, prefer to deify.

The MDC, sought to prove that they were a party not tolerant of corruption by dismissing those councillors considered to be corrupt. However, they also left themselves exposed in that while they were part of the inclusive government, with one of their own, co-ministering the Home Affairs portfolio; no prosecutions were preferred against those found to be corrupt. Would anyone not be excused for thinking that by firing the so-called corrupt councillors, it was only for political expediency not necessarily, the measure of principle in the policies of that party?

Since the expropriation of farms from the white community, the British government has been leading in the condemnation of Zimbabwe government’s record on human rights. However, at the time of the Gukurahundi debacle, the British government looked the other side, as long as their kith and kin (white farmers) were safe, going as far as conferring Knighthood to the same man that they condemn today. If hypocrisy was not at play, the same British government would have, instead, conferred President Mugabe with Knighthood, for seeking to equally distribute farms to the landless blacks.

I refuse to accept laying the blame squarely on President Mugabe and Zanu PF for the ills in this country. Let me further warn those, bent on condemning the indigenisation programme currently underway, without offering ideas or participating in the takeovers. It is a question of time, before many will point fingers at the proponents, without ever participating in this seemingly noble cause. Empowerment can only be of the mind, not materialism. In my view, what is on paper, concerning indigenisation exercise serves only to further dis-empower those intended to be empowered. I hope to encourage responsible politicians to seriously look at this and avoid further haemorrhaging of the country’s economy. Collectively, this is our country where all of us are supposed to take responsibility on what goes on without necessarily, having to blame anyone in future.

A decadent society thinks in terms of what is beneficial today, without worrying much about what will take place in a few years’ time. This country needs responsible people, who seek to correct what is wrong, not the irresponsible people who only take comfort in pointing fingers at the next person.

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