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Bonzo back on small screen

Forgotten comedian Bhonzo, born Lawrence Simbarashe, returns to the small screen this month in a comedy titled The Notorious Chiremba.


Written, directed and produced by outspoken music producer Dr Clarence (Clarence Kudzai Patsika), the comedy features Bhonzo as the father of the protagonist Chiremba (played by Dr Clarence).

Dr Clarence told Standardlife&style he had delayed introducing Bhonzo in the first part of the comedy so that he would not steal the limelight since he is already a well-known character.

“There are a number of new people virtually unknown and if we had introduced Mudhara Bhonzo in The Notorious Chiremba Part 1, they would have been overshadowed,” he said.

Bhonzo, who is known for his numerous radio and television adverts and the production Bhonzo nechikwata, will feature in the comedy’s second part which will be ready for distribution by end of the month.
He said the idea to use Bhonzo was born out of compassion since he has been suffering neglect.

“Many people made money using Bhonzo a long time ago but when misfortune struck there was no one to help him,” he said.

“For instance, when that mysterious blast brought down people’s houses in Chitungwiza, a lot of people came forward to help but in Bhonzo’s case, he nearly died when his house was burnt down with no one to help.”

The Notorious Chiremba Part 1 however, is not short of surprises as it features raunchy musician Lady B who plays Bhechani.
Chiremba impregnates Bhechani, but refuses to take responsibility and elopes with another girl.

Little does he know that Bhechani is connected in the witchcraft realm and causes the disappearance of his manhood.

Dr Clarence said he had resorted to taking the film to the streets as one of the new television stations (name supplied) offered a paltry US$70 in screening rights.

“Inasmuch as we may hate piracy, it is my best mode for marketing my music,” he said.

“The paltry US$70 I was offered is not enough to buy food for the crew yet they pay huge amounts of money for foreign content from neighbouring countries.

“Radio presenters are busy everyday talking about Big Brother and foreigners on that show as if there is a shortage of personalities to talk about locally, and they do not even play our music for that matter.”

He said he hoped his venture would change the face of local comedy due to its attention to detail.

“On numerous occasions viewers are made to watch long unnecessary cuts that could easily have been edited out,” he said.
“We have comedians that are trying too hard and ending up literally forcing audiences to laugh but mine is a realistic approach to situational comedy.

“With The Notorious Chiremba we are emulating the late Paraffin [Philip Mushangwe] who for me remains the best comedian to come out of the country.”

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