Tsvangirai disputes Elizabeth’s version

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has disputed claims by his estranged wife Elizabeth Macheka that a sensitive personal issue of a “medical nature” forced the two to separate.

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has disputed claims by his estranged wife Elizabeth Macheka that a sensitive personal issue of a “medical nature” forced the two to separate, among other things.


He said he did not have any health issues and was as fit as a fiddle. Macheka last week told the Herald that problems in her marriage to the former Prime Minister were sparked by “sensitive personal issues” which only the two could resolve without interference from anyone.

She alleged Tsvangirai knew how the problems began and tried in vain to address them by visiting Prophet TB Joshua in Nigeria.

One of these issues which was not explained was said to be related to a “medical condition”.

Through his spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday, Tsvangirai said he was healthy and fit and suffered no ailment contrary to insinuations by his wife.

“We put it in on record that Tsvangirai has a 100% clean bill of health and subjects himself to regular medical check-ups,” he said. Tsvangirai was however not willing to be drawn into revealing more about his problems with his wife.

Tamborinyoka said having been married for 31 years to his late “dear” wife Susan, who died in a traffic accident in 2009, Tsvangirai respected the institution of marriage.

“Tsvangirai respects the institution of marriage and is dealing with the marriage issue in a manner that is dignified, mature and respectful to the sanctity of marriage,” he said.

He said Tsvangirai would not fall for “diversionary tactics”. Tsvangirai’s priority at the moment he said, was to confront the crisis of national leadership that was manifesting itself in the deepening economic decline which is exemplified by the country experiencing a severe liquidity crunch, massive company closures, retrenchments, food and power shortages.

Tsvangirai married Macheka in September 2012 under customary law a day after a Magistrates Court cancelled his marriage licence. The licence was cancelled after ex-lover Lorcadia Karimatsenga succeeded in her application to have Tsvangirai’s August marriage licence cancelled.

But Tsvangirai went on to marry under customary law and in the presence of a catholic priest at a glittering private ceremony at the Rain Tree Lodge in Umwinsidale that was attended by hundreds of invited guests. The couple then proceeded to join thousands of supporters gathered at the Glamis Arena.

Although Tsvangirai’s wife is a daughter of a senior Zanu PF official, Joseph Macheka, she campaigned side-by-side with her husband in the run-up to the elections.

Tsvangirai lost the presidential poll to Robert Mugabe, with Zanu PF garnering a two thirds majority in the election the MDC-T alleged were rigged.

Problems in the marriage became apparent after the elections, with Macheka said to have deserted the family home in Highlands about a month ago.

She is now staying in Borrowdale at a property Tsvangirai says was jointly acquired by the estranged couple. The two have not been seen together in public since the election.

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