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MDC would do well to reprimand Zwambila

The move by former ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila, who four the past four years represented Zimbabwe in Australia, to seek asylum should be condemned in strong terms by her party, the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

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It is shameful to have such a high profile member turning against the country they represented and come up with flimsy reasons portraying the country as not safe to live in.

The MDC-T should show the international community and the people of this country that political shenanigans by its top official are not welcome and the party should come out from its shell and denounce such political mischief by its former trusted envoy.

It is incumbent upon the MDC-T to make sure that the air is cleared over such claims by Zwambila that the country is not safe for her to live in.

The party should issue a statement rubbishing such behaviour. It should show the world that Zimbabwe is a democratic country which allows existence of other political parties, hence the composition of the House of Assembly in which three political parties and independent candidates are found.

This party should seek relevance in the country by clearly dissociating itself from such claims by Zwambila, who is trying to portray Zimbabwe as an unsafe country. The former ambassador might be broke. She might not have saved enough to make her stay in the country match her lifestyle as an ambassador.

A party like the MDC-T, which has some of the best lawyers as Members of Parliament, should see that the era of cheap politics in which its members used to claim false allegations of persecutions by Zanu PF is no longer welcome in these days.

Its members and supporters, who used to apply for asylum in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the United States   and even in South Africa claiming persecution at the hands of Zanu PF, should realise that the issue of asylum claims is no longer a saleable idea that would allow their stay in those countries.

It is wise for the MDC-T to be clear and straightforward in trying to clear its name as 2018 harmonised elections are fast coming.

For the past four years during which ambassador Zwambila has been abroad, there has been no incident in which the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) sent summonies for her to appear in any court of law in the country.

The ZRP did not even ask Interpol to arrest her, so one wonders why she claims to fear for her life in the country if she returns.

Her frequent visits back home were never met with any harassment from security personnel and it is surprising that after she was recalled, like any other ambassador who was called after completing his/her term of office in a foreign land, she decided to stay abroad by coming up with unfounded allegations.

A close analysis of events would show that the MDC-T is to blame as it is failing to reprimand its ambassador, instead choosing to support her in her bid to get asylum.

The MDC-T seems not quite aware that Zimbabwe is full of educated people who are able to decide things for their future and not rely on cheap politics.

With such type of confusion taking centre stage in MDC-T, Zanu PF should now cement its lead in parliament by implementing what it promised the people during its campaign for the July 31 harmonised elections so that in the 2018 harmonised elections it fares even better.

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