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Kumusha exhibition set for Delta Gallery

Kumusha Exhibition is set to open at Delta Gallery on January 31.
This follows a successful show at Public Pool in Detroit United States last year.


The exhibition is part of the on-going online collaboration between local artists and those in Detroit.

Event organiser, Kumbulani Zamuchiya said the project was aimed at fostering a cultural research dialogue.

“We will exhibit work by artists that include musicians, filmmakers and writers from both Detroit and Zimbabwe,” said Zamuchiya.

“Recognising our role as cultural ambassadors, we endeavour to foster a culture of research and dialogue across geographic boundaries of Detroit, Michigan and Zimbabwe.”

Zamuchiya said they are encouraging strong ties between culture producers and residents.

“We acknowledge the current economic and social situations that individuals in these spaces grapple with. Our goal is to encourage strong ties between culture producers and residents in Zimbabwe and Detroit acting as catalysts for critical artistic production, as well as cultural exchange between these two diverse communities,” he said.
The exchange programme encompasses different projects including T-shirt designing, post cards and music among others.

There are four artists for the T-shirt designing programme from Harare paired with four artists in Detroit.

The four: Tapfuma Gutsa, Masimba Hwati, Zanele Mutema and Gareth Nyandora, converse and share narratives before making T-shirt designs triggered by their exchange.

They were paired with Olayami Dabls, Christina Galasso, Tiffany Massey and Nate Morgan from Detroit.

Zamuchiya said the postcard design project running under the theme, I wish you were here, involves artists from Mutare.

“The postcard project is working collaboratively with the Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare, Elizabeth Muusha. Artists from Detroit draw images taken from Mutare to print into postcard while the artists in Mutare do the same for Detroit.

“So each location will have multiple postcards of the region drawn by artists from the other location far away,” he said.

Artists from Mutare include Sharon Bilang, Bradean Chitenderu, Eben Gowero, and Christwish Mulunga while Detroit is represented by Stephanie Buer, Sabrina Nelson, Clinton Snyder, and Dylan Spaysky.

On the music programme Zimbabwe is represented by Hope Masike who will be singing Eminem’s Cleaning Out My Closet while Detroit’s Monica Blaire will be singing Tuku’s Wake Up.

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